Advantages of Getting a Basement Construction

Basements or cellars are an investment and if you are going from having no basement to building a completely new basement or having an existing basement or cellar and getting a conversion, there is a lot of work involved in the design, planning and construction process. Because it is such a big project that takes time and labour, you should think carefully or at least consider the benefits of basement construction. 

Of course, like anything, with benefits come some cons or disadvantages. Some properties such as apartment buildings and houses with not enough room or no planning permission, will not likely benefit from a basement conversion because some properties are just not made for a basement conversion.

Whatever the case, whether you are looking to invest in a full basement conversion, semi basement conversion, a basement refurbishment or a basement expansion, you will need to know the pros of basement conversion.

Below are some benefits of a basement construction for residential as well as commercial properties. We also list some possible disadvantages to think about before getting a basement conversion.

Benefits of Basement Conversion

More Space for Big Families

If you are living in a household with more than four people or if you are a member of a big or growing family, then you will understand how important space is. This is especially the case when everyone’s belongings take up more space than you have, it can feel crowded and overwhelming, causing stress particularly for the homeowner paying the bills.

A basement conversion is perfect for big families and growing families because it opens up more space in your home. It is perfect for growing families who are not looking to move into a new home, but instead want to expand the space they have in their home. A basement conversion allows families to stay in the home that they love and in the neighbourhood they have roots in. This is an ideal solution to families who have invested their money and hearts into their current home and do not want to or can’t afford to move into a completely new house.

Better Utilisation of Space

Having a basement will allow you to make better use of the space in your home, by having more space to use for living, activities, leisure and storage. Think of all the things you could use the extra space for.

It is also makes more economic sense from a contractor or builders perspective if they are having to build a new home or dig deep foundations for any reason, it would be the ideal time to convert your small cellar into a fully functioning basement room at this point. Digging deeper foundations cost more on top of a basement conversion; therefore expenses would be saved in a situation like this.

Maximum Use of Land with the Same Footprint

Since the population is always growing, it is a big concern that we will run out of land space sometime in the future. Sources have estimated that in the United Kingdom alone, we will need around four million new homes in the next 20 years. 

A natural solution would be to conserve the land we haven’t yet used for future generations who need the space to build housing and facilities. But what about those who need more space to live in? A basement is a perfect solution. Having your basement converted allows you to make more space in your home without taking up more land. This is because with a basement, the main feature is that it is an underground room, this means that no more land will be used up, instead of building outwards, you are building downwards. A basement conversion will allow you to have more floor room without increasing your footprint or sacrificing garden space.

Building contractors are often limited when working on above-ground storey buildings because of the footprint caused. However, having a basement constructed allows for further living space without breaking any planning requirements or building regulations. Having a basement also allows you to free up space from above-ground storeys for facilities such as a garden or garage.

As available building land becomes more and more scarce, builders and contractors are starting to make great use of sloping land and other sites that require deep foundations. As mentioned in the previous point, if a building site’s foundations are necessary to be deeper than one metre, then it would make more economical sense to include a basement conversion in the project.

Energy Efficient Home

Any home with a basement has fewer walls that are externally exposed, which means that it is better at insulating heat and sound.  Walls and floors will have improved insulation and the materials used in construction will add to the additional mass. It will save money spent on heating bills and improve your home’s efficiency.

Increase in Property Value

One big added benefit of getting your basement converted is to increase your property’s value. Having a three storey home will definitely add more value when it comes to the time of putting your home on the market. 

Cons of Basement Construction

Finding Professional Basement Builders 

One of the biggest fears of hopeful homeowners is paying a cowboy builder without knowing and getting a shabby half done job. This is one disadvantage that may discourage homeowners to get their basement converted or constructed, however there are plenty of excellent basement companies out there, you just have to look for them.

You should make sure that the building company is fully qualified and insured to carry out the work needed on your property. Knowing that they are professionally trained will put your mind at ease and will result in a better done job.


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